U.S. Citizens Band Together to Purchase Weapons Illegally Exported to the Growing Mexican Drug Cartel

We realize these weapons were smuggled into Mexico and are wreaking havoc and destruction. As concerned citizens and businessmen in U.S border states we are doing our part by buying back these weapons and disposing of them in a legal responsible manner. The guns may be redeemed for cash at our convenient centrally located warehouse located in Tucson Arizona.

With the United States Government's successful transfer of power to the new Biden administration, new tax payer funded buy-back initiatives are now available for use by private citizens. For example: The U.S. Government will match every dollar spent by select members of the GunsBuyback.org committee for the purchasing of illegal Mexican Drug Cartel weaponry. Every firearm or machine gun illegally exported to the Mexican Drug Cartel can result in cash in your pocket! The GunsBuyBack.org website is directed towards the Mexican drug cartels who want to dispose of their surplus weaponry perhaps because they're down sizing due to the economy, pressure from law enforcement or military or are upgrading their arsenals. Also directed to anyone else who has illegal or dangerous assault weapons cluttering up their closets and endangering the lives of their children.